• Services

    Practica’s array of services includes:


    • Coaching: Jason can serve as a partner in your growth as a leader and a professional. He works with clients to solidify their goals, to establish measurable ways to determine your progress towards those goals, and to amplify and focus their natural talents to achieve those goals.
    • Support/Advisory Services: Jason can be an effective sounding board for you and your team to help you face issues related to fundraising and board development, and to improve your cultivation techniques and fundraising pitch and presentation.
    • Planning: Jason can lead strategic, development, and board building processes with input from you, your board, and other key stakeholders. Together, we can set realistic short, medium, and long-term revenue and expense projections and goals. We can also identify opportunities for targeted giving, as well as partnerships/alliances that make sense for strategic and fundraising purposes.
    • Prospecting: Generating comprehensive, targeted funding and board prospect lists. We place heavy emphasis in reaching out to those with the closest connections to your existing stakeholder base, and work with you to devise steps to be taken for cultivating each prospect. We make sure that you are thoroughly prepared for meetings with prospects.

      Practica’s team engages in “forensic development” – examining an organization’s past fundraising, event, board, and contact history to look for past opportunities that have not been fully actualized. 

    • Process Building and Management: Practica can help you streamline your processes for managing your development pipeline. We can modify your prospect database structure to better store prospect information and track progress. Jason can serve as a polite “nudge” to keep you, your board members, and other key stakeholders focused on actions necessary to approach, cultivate, follow up with prospects, and to close gifts and board commitments.
    • Writing: We can write and edit grant proposals, reports, and other fundraising-related materials. Graphic design services are available, as needed.